Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 1; A Walk Through the Hutongs

Day 56
We explored the Houhai hutongs area today. My walk around Houhai and through the Hutongs comprised of scenic views of the area, cultural things/the way of life, bars, and  touristy stores.

pretty stringy flowers (also a sign of allergy season)
gorgeous view of the lake
boyfriend picking lint. How romantic ?
The little water creatures inhibit this cute little island.
I love the bendy trees here.
hearts all around
For 30 RMB, you can take a rickshaw ride around the area.
Hey look it's the mystery van!
Kristie and her ginger coaches.
There were colourful playpen balls in the cages.
Bar called BAR
Bar called DAVID
Although there were signs clearly displaying a  "no fishing" rule, there were still some rebellious elder Chinese people who were. This is how they do:
1) Dip the netted cage, which should be attached to a long piece of wood (rod), in the water.
2) Swoosh the net around underwater and wait.
3) Bring the cage to the surface.
4) Empty contents into a bucket and then try again.

random exercise parks are scattered around the city.
Usually occupied by these old folks. 

There were so many types of snack shops scattered through the hutongs. There was this one particular area with an army of people holding meat on a stick. Not gonna lie, it smelt delicious.

Friends with their meat on a stick.

I bought a sock monkey today. Best purchase I made in a while. After throwing random names around, I finally chose one that stuck. 

Meet Abed! My sock monkey/travel buddy! Isn’t he cute?

Kristie's best purchase of the day: bunny ears.
Abed makes everyone happy. 

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