Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 31; you have to work for your money

Day 55
It’s tomb sweeping day weekend, which means Chinese people visit their ancestors in cemeteries and pay their respects. This year, the holiday falls on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You would think that meant a five day weekend, but that’s not how things work in China -- you have to work for your money. I have to make up for the holidays meaning working on the weekend. Lucky for me, I only have to work Saturday.

After work, we decided to go to Pizza Hut for dinner. I was craving Italian food and Pizza Hut was the closest thing. Pasta was decent.
 Salmon and spaghetti with white sauce = 39 RMB 

 Back at the dorm, we heard something explode. As we peeped out the room to see what was going on, it was clear to see we weren't the only ones who heard the noise. We came out of our rooms to see what happened and all we saw were shards of metal scattered outside the hot water room. The container must have exploded. Instead of going back to our rooms like most normal people, we stood in the middle of the hallway talking about sci-fi, the ride to Tianjin, sharing whipped cream, and trying on John’s new sailor hat.
Capt'n John, at your service.
Well equipped with a can of  some sort of a Chinese beverage at his feet.
apparently Sigrid looks a bit like female Hitler
TanG just looks boss.
"Hey Kristie say chu chu "
Apparently I look a bit like Kim Jong Il.
"I'm the wrong type of Korean!"


  1. I throughly enjoyed those hat pictures LOL :P
    And luckily nobody was injured during the explosion!