Saturday, March 3, 2012

Feb 20; relearning my name – the professional and the Chinese

Day 15
opening day ceremonies
What a better way to start off the real semester than with a good class. My first day of teaching went very well and I'm excited to say that my teacher mode is switched on – Teacher Yeh is ready to go!
As a part of the internship program, we were also offered courses in Mandarin, kung-fu, paper cutting,  calligraphy, and Chinese painting. Our extra classes finally began in the evening and we started with Mandarin. The class was comprised of us (the Canadian girls with no mandarin experience) and Jeff (a pretty much fluent Mandarin speaker). While the poor teacher was trying to sort out this mess of mixed levels, I was lurking through the desks and found an assortment of things to keep me busy. Here’s a secret message in a notebook: 
"In the past few years, great changes have taken in China" - I see a revolution coming on
Since I was unable to do the Chinese homework I found in the desk with much success, I did some kids English grammar homework with great success.

Highlight of the class: I was able to write my Chinese name…. in Chinese!

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