Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 25; Revisiting Sanlitun

Day 49
It was a beautiful day, and what a better way to spend it than in one of the hippest areas in Beijing: Sanlitun.
a legit apple store. full of geniuses too!
Cat looking at the big screen.

You want shoes? I have many beautiful shoes. I give you discount!
Sigrid took us to a place called Bookworm, which is a mix between cafe/library/bookstore. You can buy food, read books, and purchase books all under one roof. The store was pretty much populated with foreigners or Chinese people with foreigner speaking buddies.
Sigrid, totally in her element.
After going past a handful of expensive restaurants (Sanliton is full of rich foreigners), we found a place that was reasonably priced for our student budget. All Day’s had good service, a super clean washroom, and an amazing array of condiments.
Ketchup – yay! Tabasco sauce- yay!!! Kraft Parmesan cheese – YAAAAAY!!!!
 minestrone soup = 12 RMB
(so freaking delicious!) 
Mushroom and Cheese Doria = 22 RMB
All Day’s is officially one of my favourite western places to eat at in Beijing.

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