Saturday, March 3, 2012

Feb 17; 798: it's kind of like the Kensington of Beijing

Day 12
It's Friday!! Since class did not start yet and we didn't have to teach, we decided to spend the day sightseeing.
On the Chinese bus to the 798 District
The 798 District is a famous art district in Beijing.
It’s filled with galleries:
Mona Lisa for 380 RMB? not bad.
artsy stores with interesting junkstuff:
 transformers/gundam looking stores and figures:
graffiti and other words on the wall:
many outdoor sculptures/figures: 
The polar bear is melting
black and yellow Pegasus!
large stone sculpture of a car
large stone sculpture of a can of sardines
a tired looking tree 
some interesting signs:
oh, and who can forget the tourists:
Sheila (our professor) recommended this drink to us before we left. Inside this cute little ceramic container is a  yogurt drink  that tastes like lassi. Sooo good, definitely recommended. 
There was so many things to look at, but we had to meet up with the other foreign teachers for dinner. In my books, this place is definitely worth a second visit. We're just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit so we can comfortably wander the art filled streets with the cool yogurt drinks in hand.
We went to Sarangbang, a Korean restaurant in Wudaokou to meet up with the other foreign teachers, who were all really nice - soo glad to have more English speakers around. 
Carrie, a Korean from Germany who speaks Mandarin and Japanese, showed us to a Korean grocery store. I got my kimchi and ketchup. Which means... eggs and ketchup for breakfast!! 

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