Monday, March 12, 2012

March 4; Shopping Therapy: The Zoo Market

Day 28
Tanjn and I taught our first class together. All I can say is I like team teaching.

The girlies made our way to the zoo market - a multistory building full of clothes, accessories, cosmetics, and handbags. It was sooo overwhelming. I was not planning to buy anything until much later in the trip/after we visited all the markets. After seeing the cheap starting prices and the less aggressive shopkeepers, I had to buy something. After going down one lane, I started to make a wish list (of product, store number, and price) of what I wanted. The reason I made a list was because many stores were selling the same things so I just took note of the store with the cheapest prices. As we went up and down each lane, my list grew and grew until we had an hour more until closing time.
At the end of my trip, I came back with this:
Stripped navy cardigan
Asking price: 39 RMB
Final price: 35 RMB
Black and gray light coat = 39 RMB
Blue shirt with belt
Asking price: 29 RMB
Final Price: 25 RMB
Pink lacy cardigan
Asking price: 39 RMB
Final price: 35 RMB
Nail Polish = 5 RMB
Random purchase of the day: socks = 1 RMB

We met up with the others for dinner at a Japanese curry restaurant in WDK.
Tanjin loves her fried chicken.
Croquettes and veggie curry = 42 RMB
Can't wait to head back to the market after class next Friday!!

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  1. Yes! Definitely nice to have someone to rely on, especially for the first class~
    Angel, the clothes you bought are so cute and Asian:) can't wait to see u wear it!!