Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feb 27; ni jiao shenme mingzi?

Day 22
What's your name?
One of the things I needed to work on is getting to know all 120-something students.
I created seating plans to help with with the mission, but when I went to each of my classes, I realized the seats have been rearranged. Boy, this is going to harder than I thought.
Any tips on memorizing names?


  1. Name cards is what I used to use in highschool and in some small tutorials in Uni :) they get to design their own so it is fun ^____^ -I sound like such a kid

  2. Ohh, I should have mentioned I made name cards with them the first week. The students started losing them though :(
    But, thank you for the suggestions!

  3. Awww, that's tough then.
    I guess the only way I can think of os having them say their name before an answer. :)