Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 20; Dungeons and Dragons

Day 44
Once upon a time -before the time of internet, cell phones, and technology - kids used to gather around the table with nothing but their imaginations to play the good old fashioned game of D&D.
That's exactly what we girls did on the lovely Tuesday night with the help of our dungeon master, John. 
Character sheets
We spent about 2 hours creating our characters and buying imaginary stuff from the store. At the end of the two hours, we were too exhausted to play, but at least our characters will be ready for next time! 
My character's name is Camino. He's a 42 year old half elf/half human sorcerer who has his own bar. 
We officially (sorta) declared Tuesday as D&D night. Let's see how long this will work out for....

 If you aren't familiar with the game, check out this video: 

Also, my students gave me stuff today. A used eraser, crumpled cootie catcher, and a uncoloured "world's greatest dad" picture. Their gifts keep on getting better and better!

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