Monday, March 12, 2012

March 7; hallway conversation

Day 31
Here's a conversation I had with our neighbour Jack, who is from Poland and can speak Mandarin like all the other white guys here. 

Angel: [Coming out from the hot water room]
Jacok: [opening his room door]  Hey
Angel: Heey
Jacok: Can you drink the water from there?
Angel: Well, I’ve been drinking it for about a month now and I’m --
Jacok: You’re still alive!
Angel: It’s safe. As long as the light is green. Don’t drink the water if it’s red.
-In the hot water boiler room-
Angel: Ya, that’s supposed to be natural *points to the white stuff*
Jacok: Well, I’ll wait for another month to see if you’re still alive.
I then proceed to scare him with telling him about sandstorms in Beijing….

Moral of the story: Dear Canada, I will not take water for granted anymore.

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