Sunday, March 4, 2012

Feb 22; University of Toronto and it's Chinese ties

Day 17
When we were still in Korea, we received an e-invite for a University of Toronto gathering in Beijing on February 22. Not knowing what to expect and having nothing to lose, we promptly rsvd’d. The day came quicker than anticipated and we started to wonder what exactly we were doing there. Here were our expectations: we were going to be the only ones there, there would be little to no food, and the speeches would be in Chinese. Here is what really happened: there were a lot of UofT students and alumni at the event, the hor d’oeuvres were delicious, and almost all the speeches were in English! There were three key note speakers at the reception:
 David Malrony (Canadian Ambassador to China) – spoke in English
 David Naylor (the President of University of Toronto) - spoke in English
Mark Roswell, (a Chinese speaking Canadian whose job is to tell jokes in Chinese)-who spoke in
A very high class part of Beijing.
The fancy hotel the reception was held at.

The gang with Prof. Geng and Malrony
It was pretty cool meeting some important people in this new environment, but at the end of the reception, I felt that it was all a little too political for me. I still need time to grow up. 

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