Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 8; TGIF - thank gosh i'm female

Day 32
It was international women’s day today. I never really celebrated Women's Day in Canada, but it seemed to be a big deal in China. It's very much like our Mother's Day, where moms get gifts and get treated extra special on this one day.
In class, two of my kiddies gave me cards:
The one with the bears said happy new years inside--I think she was a little confused, but so cute!
The one that says "thanks teacher" was given by a student who kept on asking me if I liked Michael Jackson. 
Even the cafeteria was nice to women today:
 Yay free pizza + banana lunch from the cafe!
The girlies and I continued our women's day celebration by treating ourselves to Indian food at the Ganges restaurant in WDK. We tried looking for this restaurant at least 5 times. We finally found the magical outdoor elevator beside Uniqlo that took us to the rooftop where the restaurant was located. It was so pretty! The waiters spoke English, there was Bollywood music blasting in the background, and there were actually Indian people working at the restaurant!
Photo Cred: Catherine
basket of naan + mushroom and paneer  
The food was delicious and went beyond my expectations. It was a bit more pricey compared to the other places we had eaten at, but it's definitely worth coming back too. In fact, we plan on coming back for Tanjin's half-birthday! =)

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  1. That is adorable! And the restaurant looks really nice, yum yum!