Saturday, March 3, 2012

Feb 16; I love WDK

Day 11
The day before, Tom offered to take us out to a little café in Wudaokou called Café Bros. It was a cozy little cafe with three different sitting spaces, but all with low ceilings. The low ceilings added to the cozy and cuteness, although it wasn't very convenient for tall people like Tom. 
crepe cake: layers of crepe and cream that was a perfect lightness
indulging in cake.
Photo Cred: Catherine
In addition to the yummy treats, there was k-pop in the background. We heard all the Korean favourites including MBLAQ's It's War and 10CM's Americano. Apparently most bakeries are owned by Koreans - my people!
From one Korean place to another, we headed to a Korean restaurant for dinner (– yes, we had dessert before dinner). When I entered, I heard someone say anyonghaseyo, but I thought that was my ears deceiving me. Anyways, I successfully got us a table of 6 in my broken putonghua (Mandarin).
 Herb tempura, not as great as the guy on the fork in the road at Sookdae in Korea, but it was good.
On our way out, I heard anyeonghekasayo. This time I was not the only one to hear it. In fact, the chef making food at the front restaurant was speaking to Korean to us! He smiled and waved us all out, and continues waving to us when we were outside the restaurant. This brightened up our already happy spirits x100.

umm... I love Wudaokuo.


  1. LOL I love how you refer to koreans as your people now.

  2. The cake looks sooo good:)

  3. The cake looks sooo good:)