Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 15; I’m on the edge of glooory! Well not really, more like the edge of a deathtrap

Day 10
My calendar told me to deal with what’s important right now, not urgent. What was important at the moment? Lady Gaga and lesson planning. What a killer combo.

On another note, canteen food 3 times a day can kill you. Seriously. What I have shown below tastes really good. The only thing I worry about is the sodium intake. 
Tofu, broccoli, and mi fan (rice)
We headed out for dinner at a Muslim restaurant with some of the other foreign teachers. Getting there was...interesting. The route consisted of bumpy roads and strolling along the edge of a deathtrap-highway in the dark. Yee, they do things differently here.
Also, we met another English speaker/foreign teacher! Tom is an American egg (white on the outside, asian on the inside) who watches Community (yay!), can beat box and rap, and say pickles with a Southern accent. We’ve met some pretty interesting people thus far. I wonder who else will come our way. 

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  1. How does pickles sound in a southern accent?