Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 14; Happy Valentine's Day!

Day 9
When I opened the door to get hot water from the boiler room like I do every morning, I noticed two hearts on the door and two things on the ground. What I originally thought was crap on the floor was actually a Valentine’s Day gifts from Kristie! Aww, what a pleasant surprise. =)
I gave out my valentine’s to the girlies (which I prepared yesterday since I had time) and spent the rest of the day eating chocolates, sending virtual valentine’s day cards, and lesson planning.
Hope you had a lovely V-Day where ever you maybe or who ever you may be spending it with <3


  1. sweet of Kristie! Happy Belated Valentine's Day! I spent my whole day writing papers T.T instead of enjoying the "lovey doveyness" in the air~:P

  2. Aww you got Valentines? haha :P
    The only one I received was from my 7yr-old nephew...
    Keep the posts coming!
    PS: check your email inbox haha