Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb 3; Lotte World

Day 24
While exploring the new neighbourhood yesterday, I ended up finding a salon right around the corner called Hair and Joy. The sign at the door said appointments are recommended if you want the best results, so whatever that meant I booked an appointment for the next day (which is today). I came readily equipped with a picture of the hair I wanted and let Sophia do her thing. After a short goodbye to my hair (the longest it’s ever been btw), a warm welcome was followed for my freshly cut Korean hair. If you ever need a haircut in Korea, Hair and Joy in Hongdae is highly recommended. Sophia, especially, was very kind, efficient, she spoke English, and she was just so pro.
(han guk saram ne?)
Haircut: 30,000 Won (I actually got a wash, blow dry, and style in there too)

We headed off to the wonderful place called Lotte World, which is a mega shopping centre with the world’s largest indoor amusement park. My friend said it was a good place to spot celebrities, and after seeing floors upon floors of designer stores, I can see why idols would shop here.
Home stuff: After being introduced to the heated floor system in Korea, I was an instant fan. Sitting on a heated surface on a cold winter day is the best thing ever (and makes sleeping on the ground bearable).
This is a hard surfaced, heated bed. #want
Ice Rink: full of couples and foreigners.

Grocery Store:  This machine sanitizes the grocery carts by bringing the cart back and forth through the minicart wash thing.
toronto take note
Amusement Park: We saw enough of the amusement park from the outside to not want to go in. It was pretty there.

What's this I see free hugs? (in the fine print)
Once upon a time there was a magical land filled with mystery and adventure. People around the world could see this land. Lotte World, only in Dreams and longed to visit this legendary place. Lotte World is a beautiful land where Lotty, Lorry and every person you meet will give you a kind-hearted hug and become you friend. Lotte World the land full of love. Imagination and adventure is a fun and exciting magical land shared by the children from around the world.

Tanjin and I opted for some Korean fast food at Lotteria where I had a squid burger combo for  $~4 CDN.
I'm missing this place already! 
Squid burgers, Toronto take note. 

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  1. Nice hair cut! And squid burger, i will take note self.