Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jan 31; All good things must come to an end.

Day 21 (I can't believe my time in Korea has practically ended.)

It was the last day of Korean class, which meant final exam! Despite the absence of my predicted hardcore studying, it all went very well. I'm really gonna miss our teacher Park Ji Young. She was just so....sparkly and cute.
panchak pachak seonsaengnem!
(shiny teacher)
Master Lee and his students (us) were invited to attend a conference held at the World Taekwondo Federation (aka WTF - not even joking) and then meet the president of the club. Yay, field trip!
Shiho and Maya, my adorable Japanese friends.
The trek back to the university. It did not look like this when we left for the WTF.
And now, for the moment I have not been waiting for...the farewell party. All good things must come to an end and unfortunately this included the Winter Beyond Boarders program. The night started off with the TKD students doing their thing, with Cat and I did our part as members of the AV team. 
Team: Basic connection motions
Team: tornado kicks
Team: Poomsea 1 and 2
Team: kick ass stone breakers
Team: Master Lee's WBB students of  2012
The TWD demonstration was followed by games. In one of the games, the first person in the line was shown a word at random and then he/she acted the word to the next person in line. Then, the person who saw the action imitates what the previous person did, and so on. The last person guessed what the word was.
My team won! We got a set of chopsticks and spoon =)
 And then there were presentations from some of the students in the program and the Korean buddies.
David reppin' the Australians
Ziru for the Chinese
(Unfortunately, the Canadian speaker was unable to attend the farewell party.)
And the moment many of us have been waiting for....FOOOD.
pescetarianism allows me to eat this.
 And then it was just a great session of attempts to break stone, photo taking, and saying goodbyes.
Sookmyung's Mascot whose name I can't remember, is that you?   
Nope, it's just Matt (now showing off his broken stone)
Shiho is a beast! (but a very cute one.)
Hui-Fang trying to break the stone.
Kristie's turn
Photocred: Kristie

Photo Cred: Sigrid
China, Australia, Canada, Japan. 
The Canadians and David
Photo Cred: Penwei
Photo Cred: Penwei
Soojeong my Hanguk Chingu (Korean Friend)
Photo Cred: Soojeung
Hui-Fang and Catherine
Mayu - she's very soft spoken, but so sweet =)
Shiho and I =)
Photo Cred: Kristie
Is there anything Shiho can't do??

Until we meet again Cristian!
Church Street/Oxford Street will be ready for us =)

Rafael and Nils, dutchies who aren't actually that short
Some of us, or should I say many of us, went  to a small underground cocktail bar called 3km to continue off our farewell celebration. Unfortunately, this would be the last time (in a looong time) hanging out with many of the people we've just met.  As we were heading out towards the bar, we (or should I say the Aussies) got excited for snow. We even made snow angels.
Angel's snow angel
Rachael's snow angel
David's snow angel
Sigrid's snow angel
(wow, she really shovelled the snow aside!)
Kristie mesmorized by the pretty decorations.
My Alabama Slammer and Kristie's Daiquiri 
aww David looking sad. 
Farewell Aussies!
Rachael and I! outside! where it was snowing! but you can't see it...
Photo Cred: Rachael
Oh, I'm gonna miss this all so much.

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