Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feb 5; last day in Seoul

Day 26

This is it, our final day in Seoul.
Reloading our T-Money cards for the last time
We started our last day by visiting the National Museum of Korea.
The museum was hugeeee, but it was organized so well. 
We headed to back to Sookdae to say our farewells to another Korean buddy. The university was such an appropriate way to end our journey here in Korea since it was where we it all started.  
Zoo Coffee =)
Finally, Korean waffles. Worth the wait. 
Last dinner at one of my favourite restaurants: OJAK in Hongdae.
Congratulations to Catherine for learning to use chopsticks like an asian person!
jjampong. Highly recommended if you like spicy and seafood. 
Look who we saw on the way out!! Lee Min Ho!
We made our way to the airport with the subway. It was really convenient, cost efficient, and took 45 minutes from Hongik to Incheon. The only thing that went terribly wrong was the scary dude on the subway that shouted randomness in the middle of his slumber…
We had to go through these moshisoyo (cool) guys while checking out.
(Taeyang and T.O.P)
At the airport, we made a luggage fort and called it our crib for the next 12 hours.
I was able to sleep really well until I was woken up by the sound of loud Chinese women. I guess that was my wake up call. No more relaxing time in Korea. The next morning, I’d wake up in China. Hopefully not by loud Chinese women though.

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