Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jan 28; Angel's in North Korea, Angel's in North Korea (8)

Day 18
^Kidding. I didn't go in North Korea...
I did however get close enough to the boarder at the West Front Line (Paju-si, Yeongcheon-gun). It took us more than an hour to get there, but it was totally worth it. We ended up checking out the War Memorial, Pond of Freedom, and just the plain old observatory deck.
A little snack before heading off. 
Eomook (fish cake) = 600 won

There was a small play area for children. The strangest thing about this peace park were all the old war machines. 
sit in a scary tank
sit on a cute leaf bench

fly with scary missiles
fly like pretty butterflies
drive in those scary vehicles.
ride on cute ladybugs
While the other girls were taking pictures of them with the military stuff, I opted for something more happy.
Together, we'll spread love and cuteness to North and South Korea!
Hogwarts Express? Is that you?
You could ring the bell...for a fee.
The stones of Peace Wall is a collection of rocks from all over the world. I found Canada!
war memorial
Ribbons with messages of peace
observatory deck
Back at the station, we decided to leave our marks (on the wall and guestbook) since everyone was doing so.
You'll never know if I spelt my name right or wrong....
In Korea, there are special lanes just for bicycles. How people friendly is that?? Toronto, take notes.
After going in and out to check out 3 restaurants for dinner, we end up finding the one we wanted on the fourth try. Totally worth it.
Catherine-ssi! panchak panchak!!
Bowl of bibimbap (mixed rice) = 4500 won
 Annnnd, as you can probably tell by now, eating out is really inexpensive. 

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