Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb 2; Moving out of Sook - day, Moving in to Hong – day

Day 23
I woke up realizing that today was the dae I was dreading – moving out. Leaving and goodbyes are two things I strongly dislike.
my empty dorm. 

Before getting all our stuff together to move out, we had one last brunch at Isaac’s with our Aussie mate.
buttered toast, eggs, and potato
Egg and Potato sandwich  = 2200 won
While we were waiting for our toast, a man in front of us started to talk to us. Like other Korean strangers, he was interested in where we were all from. Like other Korean strangers, he started by talking to me in Korean, in which I replied “kehnada saram e ye yo” (I’m Canadian), and later added I was Chinese. He then proceeded to guess Tanjin’s ethnicity and guessed she was from Pakistan. After she corrected him, he then to Catherine and asked if she was from Pakistan. I still wonder what angle he was looking at her from… Then he turned to Cristian and told him to get out cause he was a dude attending a women’s university – he said this in a joking way though. Korean people are never rude. Yes, it was really all quite amusing.
Back at the dorm, Tanjin and I set sail on our new adventure with a taxi to our hostel. The hostel had bunk beds equipped with electric blankets, super fast wi-fi, private washroom, and heaters to combat the cold winter nights.
yay! new crib!
We ended up having dinner at this little restaurant called Oga where I had the best jjamppog stir fry noodles. 

When I return back to Korea, Hongdae is the place I want to be.

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