Friday, February 24, 2012

Feb 9; Capital Museum and Hutongs

Day 4

Fact: Chinese people have great time management skills. When they say meet at 9:00am, they mean on the dot.

We went to the Capital Museum today. I wish I knew more about the culture and rich history to really appreciate all that was inside this massive museum.  
Special exhibition for the auspicious year of the dragon.
 We had lunch at this fancy restaurant in the hutongs (supposed to be one of the best in Beijing). 
They were selling these massive white balls of fluff (cotton candy) outside the restaurant.
They were bigger than my head!
Hutongs are alleyways or narrow streets filled with a variety of stores. Historically, hutongs used to be residential neighbourhoods. Due to gentrification (got this word from my second year Urban Sociology class) the hutongs turned into a place with more practical uses. Along the streets of the hutongs you can find cafes, places that sell stuff like scorpions, accessories stores, and a whole bunch of other specialty stores. 
This is a man made river
Chinese people sitting-skating on the frozen lake.
After a nice day out, they sent us back to the dorms to rest where most of us had our dinner at the teacher’s cafeteria.
Food from the canteen, take II:
cabbage and noodles

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