Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jan 29; "gay sam nuen eodie isseoyo?"

Translation: Where is homohill?
Day 19 
Sunday morning and sun is shining.
Seafood sandwiches from Subway here we come!
Because I did not get to try McDonalds (so much meat on the menu), I needed to try another special dish from a western franchise.
Diana loves her Subway sandwiches. This, however, was her first time  sitting in and eating at a Subway restaurant.
my seafood sub.
Toronto needs this right now.
6 inch seafood sub = 4300 won

We headed to an area in Seoul that is popular among foreigners. Itaewon is the closest thing to Toronto: multicultural and diverse. Our goal for the day was to find homohill. Note: the name was given to the place by foreigners because of the openly queer friendly neighbourhood.

To sum it up, it was an adventure and a half.
First of all, the instructions on the internet were pretty vague (get off at exit 3 at Itaewon) so we were wondering around the area looking for something that would jump out. After searching the whole area, Catherine and I asked a whole lot of random people where this hill was with no helpful answer. One of the more notable people we asked were two skater boys. One of the guys ended up switching the conversation from our broken Korean to English. We were indeed, quite impressed. Although he did not give us the help we needed (he thought we meant hotel), it was nice to hear English.
Korean houses
Canada at Itaewon!
With me are: Kristie, Catherine, and Tanjin. The Canadians!
We ended up going to a mosque and met an Arabic man who spoke Korean fluently. Watching him explain the Muslim religion in Korean to the tourists was memorizing and gave us all a dose of "You Can Do It!" for our Korean exam on the last day. 
I think I've heard that slogan before...
A view of Seoul from the mosque
And then dinner at one of our favourite restuarants!
Squid rice with spicy sauce  in stone pot - mashisayo!
And as for the search for homohill, we figured the whole area in general was homohill. It was because we went to the area on a Sunday afternoon rather than Friday or Saturday night that made the search for the hill nearly impossible. I now leave you with a picture of the gang who searched for something that was literally right in front of them.

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