Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 12; The Key to our Sanctuary

Day 7
We met up with Professor/Teacher Geng today to talk about our literature course we’ll be taking, our stay in Beijing thus far, and the special room that belongs to us. It was our first time meeting him and it was a very pleasant meeting. He is such a nice, wise man and I'm glad that he's our go to guy. Oh, and he came with gifts: the key to our special room, apples, and hope.
After he left, my ocd kicked in and I had to start cleaning (actually, I started cleaning before he left…). Once Kristie and I organized and cleaned everything  the previous CTEP cohort left from their stay (thank you for leaving stuff for the future Beijing goers!), we coined the room as our Sanctuary.

 Welcome to our Sanctuary
 Kristie cleaning, Catherine-babushka lesson planning, and Tanjin-babushka resting
Our Sanctuary doubles as a library.
On the journey to open Cat’s tupperware, we met another foreign teacher. Heys, who’s originally from Britain, is super friendly and has a love for Korea just as big as our love for Korea. Yay more English speakers!

Yes, things are getting better.
(Alsoo thought I should mention that I found out that I will be teaching grade 3 today. excitiiing) 

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  1. Super super super cool!! This is really exciting! I'm equating your sanctuary to a pretty cool office/space. Sooooo cool. And grade 3? That's a nice group! I can't wait to hear about them!