Friday, February 24, 2012

Feb 8; Canada in China

Day 3
Fact: You need to get your bags checked every time you go in the subway.

We went to the two main touristy places in Beijing today: Tienanmen Square and The Forbidden City. It wasn’t full of foreigners surprisingly, a lot more locals.
Canada, is that you?!
Yes. Yes it is. Apparently, the prime minister flew into China today.
CTEP and Mao at Tienanmen Square
Inside the Forbidden City
The buildings inside the Forbidden City. They were all beautiful, intricate, and had a throne in each of them.
This is a Chinese man who really loves Harry Potter.
We went to a restaurant that supposedly has the best noodles in Beijing.
I thought it was delicious and it reminded me of a salty version of what I would have at home.
We had our first look at shopping district called Wanfugin with high end stuff and cheap stuff. And there was wi-fi. I love wi-fi. I miss wi-fi. (Korea, I miss you)
In the olden days, one of these gems could buy a city. 
We had dinner back at the residence. It was our first time at the canteen. The first cohort of Vic students said the food was good, so that's what I expected.  Right off the bat, there were two things not so good: 1) grease  2) salt - both were in abundance. But at least there were veggie options. Here's a first look at the cafe food:
Cabbage with fungi and cabbage with green peppers, and egg rice – all for 5.5 RMB (less than 1 CND)  
I'm not normally a picky eater - I'll eat anything that falls under the category of pescetarian... however I do wish some of Canada's healthier eating habits would transfer over to the cafeteria here in China...

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  1. That's weird about getting your bags checked-- actually it matches your barred windows.