Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb 1; Hands up for Noraebang II

Day 22
As many of the people were leaving tomorrow (or already left today), we decided to do something once more as a group before heading our separate ways. We headed back to Luxury Noraebang to indulge in the free ice cream one last time, and sing our hearts out.
We started off the night of Beyonce's Single Ladies. Take it away C and C!
Peta, Sigrid, and Catherine singing while Hui Fang and Peng Wei are chilling in the background
Hui-Fang and Peng Wei singing a Chinese song. 
Stop right now, thank you very much I need somebody with the human touch (8)
Hands Up!
Photo Credit: Catherine
I now leave you with a Korean boy band named 2PM (there's also a 2AM). Although I wouldn't listen to this type of music on my own, there has been many exceptions in Korea.

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