Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feb 26; when opportunity comes knocking

Day 21
I was offered a teaching gig on Sunday mornings. The opportunity didn't actually come knocking on my door. It actually come through a text a fellow teacher sent me. I've never texted my boss about work opportunities before.
Before accepting the job, I took a look at the pros and cons:
Pros: extra cash flow, experience, networking, small classes, team teach
Cons: waking up in the morning, extra lesson planning, half a day gone, early Saturday nights (?)
Verdict: Since I plan to travel in July and August, I decided to take the offer for some extra cash flow.

Before actually starting the job, I had to attend a day long training session. 
Pros: Unexpectedly and thankfully, the trainers provided us with a lunch that was amazing. What seemed to have puzzled me and the other girls was the fact that the cafeteria workers served this amazing food. We wondered how something this good from the cafe. It was a puzzle that no one could solve. Also, the training was actually really helpful in terms of more activities.
Cons: It was a very long tiring day of training.
Verdict: I'm qualified and ready to teach and make some kuai!

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  1. Lucky you!! Where are you working? Still in the uni?