Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 16; Happy St. Jeff's Day

Day 40
So I found out that the artists village I was supposed to be going to for my Comparative Literature class is 3 hours away, so instead of visiting random artist’s homes, I'm gonna make kites instead! Yay Chinese kites!

We found a Korean restaurant on campus and tried our luck there. So the service wasn’t too terrible. BUT, practically everything Tanjin wanted was not there and 15 minutes into waiting, they told Kristie that what she ordered was not here. I had better luck with my food.
Namyeong = 12 RMB 
(cheaper than Korea!) 

For dinner, we tried our luck at La Bamba’s again to get the specials. This time we got there before 6. The food was fine, but the really good wi-fi made up for it! This is officially one of my favourite places in Beijing.
Friday Special: Veggie burrito = 10 RMB
(it was hugeee! and it even came with "salsa")

We met up with the birthday boy (St.Jeff) and the rest of the gang at a little place called Little Branch.
 Little Branch menu – things were written in English and had a “v” beside the vegetarian friendly items. amazing!

There were lots of small games near the entrance of the restaurant. Seeing as we already ate, Kristie and I decided to play with the tarot cards. My reading in a nut shell: past – something I did in the past will effect my future; present: take whatever opportunity comes my way; future: optimistic We weren’t using it right…but I’m not a big believer in this stuff anyways.
Not only is John a history guru/movie junkie/dungeons and dragon master, but he can also read tarot cards properly. Here he is giving Tanjin a proper reading.

The gang

We met another one of Heys’ hiking friends today. Meet Zhang (pronounced like John), a university student who is soooo up to date with Top 40 music. He even went to see Akon last year!
The girlies
Green Eyes/Closed Eyes.
My camera flashes twice sometimes which makes it twice as blinding.
"Tip Jar"
The gang moved next door to Helen's, a bar targeted towards student expats, where they (foreign teachers) drank and we (Canadian girlies) danced to the random western songs.
we so happy
Next stop: Wu – while the others were drinking, we were once again dancing to all the not so horrible pop songs. You could totally tell the other foreigners wanted to join us too --either that or they were just looking at us cause they thought we were crazy. Instead of always blocking walkways with the hardly unnoticeable group of random dancing foreigners, I think we need to find a place with a designated dance floor next time… 
American John helping Chinese John fix his hair.
Cam and Cat - siblings they never had!
Finally, the moment I have been waiting for all week – KTV (karaoke)!
The place was not as nice as Luxury in Korea, but it was still pretty nice. 
doing "the creep"
With all 11 of us crammed into a room with poor ventilation and one fan, you could only imagine how hot it got in our room. Despite the stuffiness, this was seriously he best night I've had in Beijing thus far.  I've been told there will be many more to come.

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