Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Feb 24; one more reason to love WDK

Day 19
So the gang headed to WDK again – but this time it wasn’t just for food (although we ended up getting food). The goal was to get to the Wudaokou Shopping Centre, which is described to be two stories of clothes inspired by Korean and Japanese fashion. The goal was eventually reached, but with a few hindrances along the way.
1) Paris Baguette – here we are again!
Strawberry Pie
(strawberry festival at Paris Baguette)
Vegetable Pizza
Time lost: 1.5 hours.
 2)Getting lost – we went one way, then another, asked some girls, walked for 30 minutes, and finally got there.
Time lost: 1 hour
It was definitely worth the adventure. The clothes, accessories, stationery, hair, and whatever random things that were being sold there were of nice quality and decent prices. Actually, decent prices for Chinese looking people. Tanjin asked the lady how much a dress was and the lady said 200. Later, Catherine asked the lady how much the dress was and the lady said 100.

Bargain tip #3: Look Chinese.


  1. awww.....poor Tanjin!! did you guys bargain?! I heard from my China friend that you have to start at offering 1/10 of the price they tell you:P

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! that is hilarious