Monday, April 16, 2012

April 12; Care for some Carrefour?

Day 67
I headed over to school for my usual 8:00 am class only to find a deserted building. Apparently all the kids went to the park today and clearly I didn’t get the memo. Actually, most of the foreign teachers didn’t get the memo since news travels slowly around the school.

Anyways, I decided to waste no time on this beautiful free day. I grabbed lunch at the canteen to find a better than usual selection of food. They even had cherry tomatoes!!!! The tomatoes were definitely a sign that it was a good day waiting to get better.
sooo good!
Kristie and I headed out to Carrefour, a French version of Wal-mart Superstores. We found everything we were looking for and more. My personal favourite buys were Tim Tam’s, (an Australian brand cookies that I wanted to try for the longest time), Barilla pasta, and Tostitos salsa. So much foreign delights makes me happy. To add on to all that goodness, the superstore was connected to an underground market and the surrounding area had a legit shopping mall. 
If there are more than 4 people in line, a new lane will open. We need this in Toronto pronto.
Tim Tam time!!!!!!!
So glad I finally got to try it!
After some actual grocery shopping, we took a break to enjoy some ice cream at Prefere. It was the best strawberry ice cream I’ve ever tasted. So creamy and perfectly shaped.
Christmas tree cone = 18 RMB

It was certainly a day well spent. 

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  1. Those look yummy! Everything sounds so fun there!