Monday, January 9, 2012

Goodbye Toronto, Anyeonghaseyo Seoul!

After 2 years of waiting, I have finally arrived to the land of KPop Idols, flower boys, and kimchi!

The Departure
It was my first time leaving my family for more than a week and jeez, saying goodbye was tough! 

The Ride
So what did I do on this 13 hours and 50 minutes nonstop flight?
1) Watch movies - One Day - I liked it, but I admit it was pretty depressing.
                           - The Rise of the Planet of the Apes - I really liked. Tom Felton is so good at being bad.
                           - Crazy, Stupid Love - I loved it. So funny. Worth all the hype.
2) Eat 
Lunch: Bibimbap, Seaweed Soup, Kimchi, and Fruit Salad
 Dinner: Fish & Chips with steamed veggies, bread, potato salad & sashimi, and cheese cake
3) Try to sleep - Airplanes are so uncomfortable.

The Arrival
After landing safely, it was time to find our way to the university! Cat and I decided to take the airport limo bus to the university, which was actually very nice. It was efficient, crew was friendly and helpful, there was a TV (with Korean men in afros), no complaints! There was even free wi-fi which I couldn't use because I didn't have a login, but still! Wi-Fi on the bus!
On the bus!
One ticket on the deluxe airport limo bus: 14000 won ($12.40 CND)

Before we called it a night, we ventured off to get a light meal. 
Bungeoppang - roasted batter with red bean paste filling
3 for 1000 won (~$0.89 CND for three)

First Impressions
On route to the university, I noticed a lot of bridges in all different shapes, sizes, and colour. [The bridges connect the land divided by the Han River.] There were a lot of tall buildings too, but instead of my vision of pretty skyscrapers, I saw tall buildings with a more industrial look. I had a very ideal, romanticized vision of Seoul based on kdramas alone, but after finally coming here, I know that is all about to change - hopefully for the better of course!



    -One Day was depressing? D: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Now I wanna put it off.
    -Airplanes are indeed horrible for sleep. Even the max angle your seat is like almost but not good enough, so you're in a very awkward position.
    -That's taiyaki in Japan right? The fish? DROOL. >:) S'ok, I gots my own food adventures here too.

    Enjoyyyyyyy. Can't wait for more pics. Bring me back a member of Super Junior, I'm sure they can spare one or two. :p

  2. This is all so very exciting!! Also I think you would make an awesome plane buddy.

  3. awwww.....Korean food on Korean plane! sounds great! love how you put the prices....very helpful!! kansumida! it would be great if you would tell me where it is too~ hehehe!( that is if the food/things are good!)