Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan 10; first day of classes and first shopping trip!

There are so many things I'd like to say but to save you the trouble of reading my blabbering, I have tried to make things short and sweet!

Day 2

In case you were wondering how my regular day school schedule is like...
9:00 -12:00 - Korean class
12:00-1:00 - Lunch
1:00 - 4:00 - Tae Kwan Do
4:00 - ??? - explore! (my favourite time of the day)
Student Lounge - open 24/7
Fully loaded T.V. with like 300 channels (I really like the mnet one with kpop)
water filter and microwave
There are actually 4 fridges. 
Korean class in a nutshell:
14 students
2 teachers -who are so well dressed and just so cute and happy!
1 freezing cold classroom.

I did not start tae kwan do yet, but I did let the instructor/class know that I've got a horrible immune system/accident prone (i.e. nothing too intense please). Ordered the uniform!

On today's menu:
For lunch, we ventured off to the wonderful food stall! I originally wanted to buy tteokbokki, so I asked the guy if it was very spicy. He kindly gave me a sample and indeed it was, so I decided with deep fried shrimp and sweet potato. I will try tteokbokki once my tummy feels better though!
Inside the bag we have some skewers, sesame oil, and my food!
shrimp and sweet potato
 5 pieces of mixed vegetables/shrimp = 2500 won

For dinner, we ate at a non-English speaking restaurant with a name I cannot read...YET. Upon arrival, we noticed the menus were all in Korean and there were no pictures, so I thought it was time to make legit use of my phone (I've only been trying to get WiFi, but it hasn't been working). I used my phone app to ask the waiter for an english menu and so dinner was saved.
udon, cucumber, seaweed, egg, soup
Bowl of noodles = 4500 won

After debating on whether to hit the palaces or market after class, we decided to head to the Namdaemun Market with some of the Aussies in our program.
Happy Store makes us happy!
YAY First asian celebrity! (Kim Hyun Joong)
angel? angel!

Sooo what did I buy after an afternoon at the market? Here's my market haul!
Nail Polish from Face Shop
Nail polish = 1000 Won each
 + they gave me a free face wipes with Kim Hyun Joong on the box!
At a small store of random goods
"Fighting" Mug = 2000 Won
Vegan nail polish remover = 1000 Won
I also bought new glasses for about $70 CND!!  They gave us all little yogurt soft drinks while we were waiting and Young (the guy helping Cat and I) spoke great English as well.

To sum it up: I could get use to this.


  1. Hi Angel, I have a question (hope you still remember after travelling so much,kk).
    What course materials did your teacher use to teach Korean? I'm wondering... =)

    1. Hi Lacosta,
      We used a text book (I think it was just called Learn Korean) and the teacher provided us with some handouts every now and then. Hope this helps =]

      Thanks so much for reading,

    2. Thank you, Angel =)
      Greetings from Switzerland~