Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jan 15; Changdeokgung and Gyeonbokgung Palace

Day 7
Today we visit 2 of the 5 main palaces.
Changdeokgung Palace.
We made it in time for the first English guided tour at 10:30. The tour made no real difference, as the price was the same and you got to do whatever you wanted after the 45 minutes were over. With an extra fee of 5000, you could see the “Secret Garden”, which we did not end up doing because flowers don’t grow in winter…
the lady in the hat was our tour guide.
random fire extinguisher.
I've noticed that fire extinguishers are always located on the ground, in open space.
toilet room
because there were no central heaters, they heated the floors by burning things in the hole
The people in the military walk on the left side, the kings&queens walk in the middle on the raised walkway , and  ____(something I don't remember) walk on the right side.
These are not tombs. They are just place markers for sergeants/military...
yay bowl!
hello catherine =)
hello angel =(
trying to break peer into the secret garden
Palace admission = 3000 won (1500 won with ISIC)
We decided to head to one of the many cute bakeries.
mashisoyo! (delicious in Korean)
Spinach Bun = 2200 won
Strawberry Pastry = 2800 won

 Gyeonbokgung Palace
This is the biggest palace of them all, and they even have two free museums!

This palace is the only one that demonstrates the ceremony of the gate guard change, every hour I think. There are drums, coordinated movements, and colourful suits. 
Ceremony of Gate Guard Change
outside the palace
inside the palace
pretty bird <3
Kristie trying to open the window
zodiac sculptures
Annnd now we enter the National Folk Museum of Korea.
A special exhibition dedicated to the year of the dragon
pots and pottery
Each one of the characters were hand carved. #tedious
Liqueur Jar 
different types of kimchi
glasses cases
Farming plays a large role in Korean history. 
farming tools 
more torture, I meant, farming tools
at first I thought it was a scarecrow, but it's just a rain jacket.
A miniature representation of the farmer's dance I saw at the Korean Folk Village!
holding the moon
After navigating through the massive palace grounds, we find the exit and head into the National Palace Museum of Korea.
After a crazy day of travelling, we decided to head back to the dorms and then out again for dinner to a new restaurant. 
Kimchi Fried Rice - mashisayo
Kimchi Fried Rice = 4500 won

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