Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jan 12; Korea, I am undeniably in love.

Day 4
Today started off with a visit to the department of external affairs... again. Unfortunately my roomie was not feeling too well. The people there are just so wonderful and kind, so it was nice to see them again regardless of the unfortunate circumstance.

We got our uniforms today in tae kwan do! Tae kwan do, from the perspective of a person who does not do any sports at all, is pretty interesting. I like doing the stretches and warm up exercises but when it comes down to the actual kicking and patterned movements, I'm royally screwed. Coordination is something that I lack. But when I really think about it, it's totally fine if I don't learn anything special because I can't exactly use tae kwan do in Scarbs/TO can I? What I need to learn is how to disarm someone. (Yes, I did ask my instructor how to disarm someone and he just said to run.)
CTEP ready for action!
After class was when the real adventure began. Despite the light snow fall, we decided to head up to Nam Seoul Tower to see the city lights in the night. There was another group of students (from Oz) who planned on heading over to the tower as well. It had been snowing today and they thought the view might not be as clear as day without snow. This made me realize what a different reality we live in, yet it's still the same. We're all so greatly fascinated with Korean culture, yet a simple change in weather makes a change in the decisions we make. Anyways, here's the journey to Seoul Tower:
Is he an asian celebrity? There was a small group of people surrounding him.
Korea and the chunky stairs. 
pretty walls in the alleyway
giant robot in front of a cartoon museum
KDrama fun fact: (Boys Over Flowers) Geum Jan Di and Goo Jun Pyo rode the gondola here
we found the cable car!
waiting in line to get on the gondolas
Tanya and Pam, our Australian classmates!
Off the gondola and almost there!
so close I can taste it! Here's a Korean vending machine in case you were wondering how one would look like.
water break!
(kidding, she didn't drink out of that)
ohh pretty tree!
There is it! Nam Seoul Tower
Here we are!
We found Canada!
At the observatory deck, people can buy cards to write their wish and attach it to  the tree
The deck demographics: 55% couples, 20% families, 35% tourists.
Korean couples are the cutest! The man holds the bag, they cuddle in a PG sort of way, they wear matching clothes, they proclaim their love on blocks of woods,  they lock themselves on the wall of the N Seoul Tower..... (is this getting too cheesy?)
sending love
writing on wood
locks of love
instead of climbing those chunky stairs, we found an outdoor elevator

If I could describe my experience in Nam Seoul Tower in one word, it would be magical.
Looking at the city on the observatory deck of the tower made me realize that:
a) Seoul is a beautiful city
b) I'm actually in Korea
c) I've fallen in love with the city
It's so surreal to think that I'm actually here.
   In Korea.
       Living in Korea.
(It already makes me sad to think about leaving this city and the lovely people I have already met.)

The cable car ride = 75000 won (adult)
The observatory deck = 81000 won (adult/after discount). 

On Today's Menu:
Paris Baguette - a massive garlic-y, cheese-y, honey-glazed bun

Paris Baguette bun = ~3000 Won
We went to Lotte Mart after the tower. Lucky for me, I could read the Japanese part of the menu which helped with my dinner selection. 
bowl of udon = 4500 won


  1. You're kidding me Angel, right??? YOU COULD DO SO MUCH WITH TAE KWAN DO!! It's all about protecting yourself and using it on punks who wanna sniff your hair w/out your permission!!

    And again, GREAT PICTURES!

    1. HAHAHA. I could teach you some moves when I get back!
      I'm glad you're enjoying the pictures =D