Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan 17; where are your feelings? and kimchi galore!

Day 9

Fashion in Korea:
I never really cared about the way I dressed. After coming to Korea and seeing the way girls dressed, my view on fashion has changed. I don't know how girls can wear stockings, leggings or nothing underneath those short skirts in minus degree weather. (It's something I would not feel comfortable wearing in minus degree weather, but I will admit the girls have definitely inspired me to buy a super cute, fobby dress!)
I mean yes, they look good, but have you no feelings? Koreans definitely believe in the saying beauty over pain.

Pescatarianism in Korea:
A pescatarian is a vegetarian that eats seafood. At this point of time, being a vegetarian is too troublesome for me as MEAT IS EVERYWHERE in Eastern Asia (kudos to the people who do it). Finding seafood options is much more easier than a vegetarian one, but it's still challenging if you can't read the menu/speak the language.
For lunch, I got something called a VEGETABLE pastry. I emphasize the VEGETABLE. I took a bite out of this delicious piece of bread only to find a piece of ham in it. Apparently ham is a vegetable in Korea. But dessert, a sweet potato churro thingie, was much better.
"vegetable" pastry + Korean "churro" thingie = 2800 won

Cooking in Korea:
We had a special lesson on Korean food making today. SO EXCITING! We made three main dishes: bulgogi (beef), bibimbap (mixed rice), and my personal favourite kimchi!
Diana, Kristie, and Tanjin getting into cooking position
The far plate are toppings for the bibimbap and the plate in front are the ingredients for  kimchi
Our bulgogi chefs
Tanjin - holding the plate of beef
Kristie - preparing the meat
Catherine - marinating the meat

Bulgogi and mushrooms 

Diana - bimbimbap maker
beautiful! She even made one without meat for me =)
How it looks like to make kimchi! as demonstrated by yours truly 
(Recipe can be found on the internet or I can send you mine by request)
Me, the kimchi chef/lover - mixing dry ingredients
eww, red meat. 
mixing the red pepper chili paste
licking the spoon of chili paste
mixing it all together
put the paste between the salted cabbage and voila!

Clean up time!
part time teachers/part time chefs
As a result of the only one who eats kimchi in our lovely little group....
Look at all my kimchi!
(Photo cred: Diana)

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  1. LOL you and your kimchi! And ham is a vegetable in korea? LOL now that is funny.