Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jan 09: Orientation Day!

Day 1
A walkthrough of my day depicted by pictures and one hell of an annoying song (excuse my bias).

Pokemon stickers (which I initially thought was Diana's haha)
If that doesn't make our room awesome, I don't know what does. 
a view from the window
So my roomie's alarm clock gets fried the first night. The next morning, the power bar, which says it's surge protected gets fried... and perhaps blows a fuse in our room...
Dead Electronics shelf (RIP)
Skyping with Sheila - the amazing lady who helped make this all happen!

The Winter Beyond Boarders program hosts about 45-ish students from all over the world. This year, there are students from Australia, Netherlands, China, Japan, and of course Canada.
Orientation meeting
LG and Samsung computers in the library. (so pretty)
They wrap straws around the trees in the winter to protect them
Queen Soonheon Building
Campus book store carries a small variety of English books.
The Happiness Project reminds me of HC =) 
on route to the Myung-Jae Residence
Welcome Dinner - so goood!
playing games with the neighbours
I went to sleep pretty early as I didn't get much sleep last night only to be woken up my this at exactly 12:03 a.m.
Me:  *looks around for the source of the sound then at Diana*
"Diana, is that yours?"

To sum up my first night in one sentence: I hate jet lag.
To sum up my first full day in one sentence: I love Seoul.


  1. Why were you woken by the song?!~btw...the game you guys were playing...was it the card game that i ALWAYS see in Korean dramas?~

    1. I think they played the song to let us know that it's past curfew now (curfew is at 12am). But I'm not sure since they were speaking Korean.
      haha, I'm not sure what card game is played in the dramas but we played a lot of different games. I took the picture when Tanjin was supposed to guess what card she was by asking 21 questions.

    The boardroom picture looks psychedelic, the girl(friend?) to the left looks like she's disappearing, but cool! How long are these sessions and what do you talk about? Looks like a class? And the library looks like a (prison) library--very quaint! And straws? Wowza. And seems like you're getting along with your neighbours--you can borrow sugar from them now!

    1. Yaa, I'm still trying to figure out how to work the panoramic view with the camera.
      That session was just an introduction so it just happens once.
      The library is actually much bigger than that one picture. I just liked the stacks =)
      haha, my neigbours are actually the girls who I came from Canada with!