Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan 18; The palace that starts with a D and skating in Korea!

Day 10
It was definitely a day of spontaneous planning. After tae kwan do, we were invited to visit a palace with some of the Aussies. How could I say no to touristy stuff? 

First stop: dinner
Rachel and Cristian deciding on what to get.
My vegetarian jajangmyeon
I love going out with people who speak Korean. It makes my life so much easier. Minji, one of the kind buddies at the university, helped me order my noodles without meat. =) 
Jajangmyeon = 5000 Won
L-R: Minji, Tanjin, Sigrid, Cristian, Rachel, David, Kristie,  Reena
Next stop: The Palace that starts with a D (Deoksugung Palace). 
The location of the palace was quite peculiar to me - drop dead in the middle of the city.
Unfortunately Tanjin didn't end up coming with us, so we were one (wo)man down.
we are here. 
North Star. 


(photo cred: Sigrid)
"why are we bending?
Colosseum? Is that you?
we are now here.
"We're a happy family!"

Admission Fee: 1000 Won (500 Won with ISIC)

After the palace, we decided to go skating at the rink right next to the palace. Skating was something that was on my original bucket list, but I took it out before coming here for reasons unknown. I'm soooooo glad I ended up doing it though! Skating at the City Hall rink reminded my so much of Nathan Philips Square, except with KPop music in the background.
Oh yes, we were two (wo)men down at the end of the night after Reena and Minji left after. 

Once again, there's so much couple things in Korea!
Kristie-ssi and I trying to act like a Korean couple
The nice man volunteered to take a picture of us after he saw us struggling with the self-portrait shots =)
Yay, on the rink!
where did Kristie-ssi go?
ohhhh so shiny
Rachel's a ballerina

Kristie, girl with no pants, guy with blonde hair, guy with toothpick legs
Ice Skating Rink Admission = 1000 won
Cheap gloves (if you don't have your own/you need to wear them on the rink) = 500 won
Locker Rental = 500 won

What a wonderful day. 

I now leave you with a song called It's War by a Korean boy band, MBLAQ.
(This song is everywhere!)

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  1. GREAT PICTURES! Especially of the North Star, reeeaaally nice.