Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan 24; "Tealicious Tikka Masala" - Catherine Reyes

Day 16
This is my friend's travel blog. We're all on the same trip, but she tells the same tales from another perspective =)

So if you recall from a  previous entry, we got lost the first time we went to search for a tea house in Insadong. This was our second time trying to get to a tea house and we still kind of got lost even with the help of our Korea buddy, but we eventually found the perfect place and it was totally worth it! The scenery was beautiful, we got to sit on heated floors, try out traditional Korean teas, oh it was just soo nice.
Cristian is too tall for the tiny Korean bus

smooch - korean kissing art. 
The long awaited tea house.
Me, Diana, Tanjin, and Kristie waiting for our tea.
We ordered 5 different types of tea (3 traditional and 2 sweet).
Jujube Tea
Citron Tea that tasted like pink lemonade
Green Tea
Chrysanthemum Tea
(And we also had pine needle which I do not have a picture of...but it looks like regular green tea.)
view of the mountains/date spot

Soojeong, our Korean buddy
Kristie sipping her tea
Sigrid pouring her tea.
Cristian admiring his spoon?
Soojeong, Diana, and I enjoying the sunlight with our tea.
the tea house
Soojeong and I with the "map" on the wall.
(Photo Cred: Catherine)
anyeonghaseyo fire hydrant
variety show celebtrities
After the tea house, we headed over to the Insadong market area.
The walls were covered with writings and notes. 
I left my mark in Korea.

There are so many different types of street food in Korea. I tried the hoddeok today which was filled with sweet cinnamon awesomeness. It was the messiest that I had ever eaten though. My gloves, my scarf, my jacket, my HAIR, got all dirty with the gooeyness of this bittersweet treat.
Reena, Cat, and I struggling to eat our hoddeok
hoddeok = 1000 won

Tanjin and I were meaning to try Indian food in Korea. We found a place called Taj Mahal and took our chances for Korean-Indian food. 
Taj Mahal restuarant, how appropriate
Tanjin and I exciteeed for our food =)
Reena and I 
Nan and Butter Paneer = 12000 won

Whatta day. 

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  1. I don't like tea but I definitely would've tried some here! The place looks awesome!