Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jan 11; I'm permanently black and blue, permananently blue for youuuuuu

Day 3

The first tae kwan do lesson was held today and it was a lot more fun than I anticipated! For one, I could do all the stretches with ease - thank you P90X!

There was a special lecture in the evening time about Korean culture, past and present. We got to try a variety of traditional snacks and traditional Korean outfits called hanbok.
Special Lecture Hall
Demonstration of how adults give children money on Lunar New Years
Kristie and her special drink
Reena (from Australia) on my left and Diana on my right.
destructive roomies in hanboks
Meet Maya. She's from Japan.
CTEP gang!
I woke up with a massive red/brown/blue/purple spot on my forearm this morning. I figured it was just a bruise (because I bruise easily) so I didn't bother with it. However, it didn't look like a normal bruise. A friend suggested it might be something else so I went online to check out my options. With the help of google, I saw that the so called "bruise" might have been caused by: ticks which is related to lime disease, spider bites which is related to infections, and other scary stuff. I carried on with my daily tasks until the evening where the paranoia kicked in and I was ready to go to the clinic tomorrow if it didn't get better. 
At the special lecture, one of the Aussies volunteered to help take me to the clinic after the lecture to get it checked out. This comforted me a lot because he spoke Korean and English fluently (annnd I was slightly paranoid). For those who have not experienced being sick in another country, it's no walk in the park. Not being able to communicate with others in one common language can be very frightening. I ended up going with a volunteer from the university instead, but I love knowing that there are nice people in the world.
Doctor's appointment = 15,000 won
(it turned to be only a nasty looking bruise. the doctor gave me a sample cream to use and it works like a charm!)

After getting home, we watched some Korean music video and discovered this awesome band called 10cm.
[There are two people in the band and the height difference is 10cm.]
Look what was on tv!! HIMYM! Yay!

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  1. ANGEL YOU SCARED ME!!! You better take better care of yourself! I am SOOO GLAD it was only a bruise because the words spider bite and infection are scaarry and got me worried. Other than that, you looked super kawaii in your hanbok. Is it yours to keep?