Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan 16; It was a strange day in the neighbourhood...

Day 8

I woke up with a scare: my laptop touch pad was not working. Buuuut, long story short I only had to press CTRL+F9 (thank you youtube).

After class we went to Insadong again to look for a place to have traditional tea AND sit down while doing so (I reaaaaaally want to sit on the floor). Insadong is known for it's alleyways and hidden gems. Unfortunately, we didn't find a hidden gem in any of the alleyways. We decided to come back in the day time when the alleyways looked less sketch.

On our journey to find a tea house, a Korean man in a trench coat approached us and offered to help us out. He led us to a tea shop on the main streets, but it was not the exact one we were looking for though. He then introduced himself and gave us his business card - we learned his name was Jake, he was an amateur pianist, and he took a TESOL course. I'm not gonna lie, kinda creepy.
Anyway, we ended up back in Insadong to look at souvenirs and jewellry and Lotte Mart.
 I love Lotte Mart <3

What I learned about Korean people:
1) Korean people are so very helpful.
2) Korean people love their business cards.

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