Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jan 21; Jjimhilbang Part II & Seafood Market!

Day 13
Sleeping/waking was an experience of its own. Since arriving to Korea, I had been waking up really early and today was no different. Last night’s sleep was full of heavy breathing, snoring, and something that sounded like a helicopter. I woke up the next morning earlier than anyone else, but feeling wonderfully excited and ready to go despite the kinda uncomfortable hardware floor. Waking up and seeing the way some people slept was quite a hilarious scene actually (sorry I refrained from taking pictures). FYI: I went back to find Kristie sleeping peacefully from where I accidentally left her last night =(

Our first stop of the day: brunch at Lotteria (fast food chain in Asia).

I had a shrimp burger and it was  mashisayo (delicious). It needs to come to Canada right now.
Shrimp Burger = 3000 won

Next stop, FISH MARKET

After losing several people throughout the night/day, we were left for 4 people (including me) standing by the time we headed to the fish market.
This experience definitely took Chinatown to a whole new level. I’ve never seen so much seafood in my life.
sting rays


How our delicious snack came to be:
1) Go around the market to find what you want to eat.
2) Pay for what you want (it helps if you know Korean)
David doing all the talking
man standing on the tank getting the abalone
3) Find a restaurant that will cook your fresh seafood.
The first restaurant we went to actually turned us down. It was the first time I got turned down in Korea so it was pretty heartbreaking, but there was another restaurant down stairs who happily took us in. Probably because the lady thought Cristian was yeppoyo (pretty). Oh and the best part…wait for it…
I SAT ON THE FLOOR. I have been waiting for this moment for so looong. We got to sit on the heated floors to eat our fresh seafood. best day ever.
Seafood (sashimi, abalone, giant prawns) + restaurant fee = 15000 won (per person)

After reaching home, I was out exploring again. This time to the Kyobo bookstore (like Chapters or Indigo) with the girlies. Here are pictures of things I saw on the way there:
"you are more than beautiful"
Korea, you make me feel so good.
On our way back, we stopped at Lotte Mart, which is a superstore with groceries, clothes, appliances, and stuff with that. We ended up buying dinner there. Gimbap for less than $3? I think so!
I know leave you with a picture of a beautiful building outside of the station.
outside Seoul Station

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