Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jan 13; MJ saves dinner

Day 5
What I learned about Korea today: The only fault I found in Korea so far was the broken escalator in the subway. (Everything else, we broke and Korea the toilet.)

What I learned about tae kwan do today: I'm not loud enough. It's not natural for me to make sound effects when punching and kicking in mid air.

What I learned about the markets today: I will NEVER get enough.
We went to Insadong today to do a little shopping. Insadong is full of souvenirs, artsy things, and a pair of singing Korean cooks.
They retold the story, in the form of a song, of how the food they were making came to be. 
All the major beauty brands/stores in Korea seem to have some sort of celebrity endorsement. There are always cardboard cut outs of them in front of the store. Here are some of the few I've seen:
Ah! spoiled City Hunter girl

Korean McDonald's with meat, meat, and more meat! (sigh)
Catherine and I on the subway with our T Money cards -
our key to the subway,  laundry machines, and some vending machines
Back in the university area, a few of us decided to get some dinner before heading back. The place was kinda their version of a hole in the wall restaurant where no employees spoke English and the menu consisted of 4 different things all written in Korean.So what did we do? I asked if anyone in the restaurant spoke English. Lucky for us, a lady beside us spoke English and explain what was on the menu and helped us order. She noticed my backpack was Roots and asked if we were from Canada. Our new friend actually studied in Alberta years ago. With this immediate connection, she offered to take us around Seoul and "support" us if we wanted. She even gave us her business card. Why are Korean people so nice?
Naengmyeon (cold noodles) = 4500 won
Jeff Winger on Korean TV? YAY!
I end this post with something wonderful I saw on a bridge.
Graffiti on the bridge. Everything in Seoul is so positive!

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